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Dynamic Supreme Rejuvenating Collection Bundle


Rejuvenating 24H Moisturizer Cream
Rejuvenating 24H Moisturizer Cream increases the skin's ability to attract, hold and distribute moisture. It penetrates deeply into the layers of the stratum corneum (the skin barrier) to restore the balance of lipids that are essential for an effective skin barrier. Rejuvenating 24H Moisturizer Cream also forms a protective layer over the skin's surface to help prevent moisture loss.


Apply to dry clean skin in the morning and evening. Use daily.

Rejuvenating Deep Peeling
Rejuvenating Deep Peeling is designed to provide a powerful facial cleansing by removing a thin layer of dry cells to reveal your ultra-smooth and youthful skin. This product includes vitamin c and e which stimulates collagen growth to maintain and improve skin tone, firmness, flexibility, and elasticity.


Apply exfoliating peel on damp skin. Rub gently in circular motion to slough off dry skin. Rinse with warm water and dry. For best results, apply D’OR Moisturizer. Use twice weekly.

Rejuvenating Facial Serum
With the passage of time, skin cells suffer damage from aging and environmental elements. This extraordinary facial serum from Dynamic Lab Innovation helps improve the appearance of fine. It features the highest concentration of our exclusive Plant Stem Cell formula to target the look of wrinkles. This remarkable formula helps bring back your youthful appearance and healthy-looking texture.



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